Turntable Alignment System and Cartridge Mounting Screws

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The Audio by Van Alstine turntable alignment system is now available, and is offered in 3 configurations. You can pick the package that suits your needs but we recommend the total package for the complete set-up tool box.

These great alignment tools are designed and produced by our friend Wayne Nielson, AKA "Wayner" on AudioCircle.

Setting up your turntable is as easy as 1, 2 and 3!

First, set the overhang for your table/arm combination:

Step 1, Setting Overhang.

Next, set the offset angle by locating the 2 null points:


Step 2, Setting offset angle by null points.


Lastly, setting the arm's anti-skating using the ACT disc:


Step 3, Setting anti-skating.


How to order:


System No. 1

The Complete Set includes: (1) Cartridge Alignment Tool,  (1) Anti-skating Calibration Tool (ACT), (1) Visual Speed Indicator (VSI-Strobe) and (1) Complete instruction booklet.

System #2

The CAT-II only set includes: (1) Cartridge Alignment Tool with complete instructions.



System #3

The ACT only set includes: (1) Anti-skating Calibration Tool (ACT) with complete instructions.



System #1: $55.00

System #2: $30.00

System #3: $30.00


For .pdf instructions click here 

Turntable Alignment Instructions 

Phono Cartridge Mounting Hardware Package

All fasteners and hardware included are #2-56 Mat'l: Stainless steel, plated steel, nylon

Pricing for the package is $12.50 which includes free shipping and handling to the lower 48 states.



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