New Amazing AVA Phono Preamplifier Options

We can now supply any new AVA preamplifier with two choices of new ultra big performance RIAA phono preamplifier choices.

The basic split passive EQ moving magnet phono section is $249 installed.  We can set this specifically for your phono cartridge upon request.

Newest, and the best yet is our new adjustable and flexible universal phono section.  Using a ten position gold contact dip switch per channel, this option can be easily user set for either moving magnet or moving coil use.  The moving coil gain is adjustable as is moving coil cartridge loading.  This is the best yet execution of our great new split passive EQ phono section.  The cost is $329 installed in any new AVA preamplifier.

These phono sections can also be retrofitted in most older AVA preamplifiers for an additional $50.

Please call us for details.  We guarantee satisfaction. 

Turntable Alignment System

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The Audio by Van Alstine turntable alignment system is now available, and is offered in 3 configurations. You can pick the package that suits your needs but we recommend the total package for the complete set-up tool box.

These great alignment tools are designed and produced by our friend Wayne Nielson, AKA "Wayner" on AudioCircle.

Setting up your turntable is as easy as 1, 2 and 3!

First, set the overhang for your table/arm combination:

Step 1, Setting Overhang.

Next, set the offset angle by locating the 2 null points:


Step 2, Setting offset angle by null points.


Lastly, setting the arm's anti-skating using the ACT disc:


Step 3, Setting anti-skating.


How to order:


System No. 1

The Complete Set includes: (1) Cartridge Alignment Tool,  (1) Anti-skating Calibration Tool (ACT), (1) Visual Speed Indicator (VSI-Strobe) and (1) Complete instruction booklet.

System #2

The CAT-II only set includes: (1) Cartridge Alignment Tool with complete instructions.



System #3

The ACT only set includes: (1) Anti-skating Calibration Tool (ACT) with complete instructions.



System #1: $55.00

System #2: $30.00

System #3: $30.00



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