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Fet Valve 400R Amplifier

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Now With Two Faceplate Options

With Silver Faceplate Option $2999

Includes premium silver faceplate, push button power switch, and blue LED.  

With Black Faceplate Option $2699

Includes Black Faceplate and Red Lighted Rocker Switch 

Circuits: Fet Valve R series

Chassis: AVA Amplifier

Presenting the new AVA Fet Valve R series amplifiers, available in two models, the Fet Valve 600R (300 watts per channel) and the Fet Valve 400R (200 watts per channel).

Both offer absolutely unique engineering accomplishments; active analog regulated power supplies for each section of each channel.  There are active 12V heater supplies for each tube, active 275V and 200V regulators for each plate of each tube and for the mos-fet drivers, and finally (and an audio engineering first we believe) active analog regulated power supplies for each power mos-fet output circuit, ten high speed analog high current regulated power supplies in all. No switching supplies or associated RFI noise at all.

You have never heard before, at any price, the astonishing musical quality and control our engineering has now achieved.  We offer simply astonishing bass range, control, and dynamics, open, layered, and emotional mid-range, and a top end that never stops, with no trace of glare, grain, or grit.  Your speakers and your ears will never be happier.

Both amplifiers sound identical, you save $400 if you choose the Fet Valve 400R, if all you need is a very strong 200 watts per channel.  The newest Exicon "double-die" power mos-fets are standard on both new Fet Valve R models.

Both amps use two ECC81/12AT7 tubes.

All new AVA products now include IEC power sockets and a ground lift switch to eliminate ground loop hum in complex systems.

The cost to upgrade any older Fet Valve or Ultra hybrid amp to the equivalent new model is $1999.