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Synergy Control Amplifier

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Price: US $1799

Circuits: Synergy

Chassis: SL

Options: International Transformer US$55, double die option with four devices US$100

Excellent value, tidy packaging give maximum bang for the buck.

The Synergy integrated amplifier combines the functions of a preamplifier and a power amplifier in a single, compact package. It is likely the highest performance integrated amplifier in existence and certainly the best value. It generates 100 watts per channel, 20 to 20 kHz, into 8 ohms and comes packaged in our new big SL chassis: 17" wide, 11.5" deep, 3.5" high. It uses 4 TO-3 case power MOSFET output devices. For 4 ohm loads and up.

We have taken our amazingly musical Synergy power amplifier circuits and have carefully increased the gain of the circuits to provide full preamp/poweramp capability. It has all the standard switching and control functions found in the Insight+ SL preamplifiers along with heavy duty 5-way binding posts for speaker outputs.

The amplifier's 100 watts per channel are more than enough for most domestic applications and most loudspeakers. (We use it to drive a pair of SalkSound Veracity HT3s in our listening room). It has all the switching and control functions you are likely to need. It has dynamics, resolution, and imaging equaling our best solid state preamp/power amp combinations. Unless your power and/or switching requirements are out of the ordinary, real music has never been easier or more affordable.

As with all Synergy amplifiers, the Integrated Amplifier has no overall feedback. Therefore, the input circuits simply cannot overload on an overall loop error correction signal; that signal does not exist. However feedback does exist, but as a unique active and buffered powered feedback loop matched perfectly electrically and thermally to the active buffered input parameters. Thus, not only are the amplifiers perfectly balanced top-to-bottom but they are balanced in input and feedback drive parameters too.

Our Synergy  amplifiers sound bigger, tighter, much more dynamic, stunningly smoother, and absolutely transparent. They have a power bandwidth extending to nearly 500 kHz, slew rates of hundreds of volts per microsecond, and stability so pure that DC balance trimpots are not necessary.

The dynamic range, bass extension, transient detail, air, and space are simply "you are there" live. There are absolutely no solid state artifacts at all. The top end goes out forever, with amazing power and transparency, but with no strain or rough edges. It is utterly liquid and utterly defined at the same time. The combination of power and space and softness and breathtaking transient impact of live are all there. You simply will not believe your ears. Insight transparency will put you at the live experience.

Available factory-wired.

All AVA Amplifiers can now be ordered with our double die option.