Shipping to Audio by Van Alstine

Domestic customer returns, ship your equipment to AVA via an insured carrier. Make sure your insure the package for full replace value of your unit. Please wrap the unit in a plastic bag so packing dust and bits cannot get inside it. To best protect your equipment, ship only one unit per carton and pack so the unit will survive a drop down a flight of stairs. Packing peanuts are fine for preamps and light equipment, but heavy power amps need more protection. Building supply stores sell foam insulation in 8' sheets. Use them to create a cocoon for your big power amp. Crumpled newspaper just isn't strong enough to protect your electronics. Make sure your name and address are affixed to the unit itself.

International customer returns, we ship worldwide using insured Air Parcel Post or UPS, depending upon the weight, size, and value limits for your country. Please call or e-mail AVA HiFi for shipping rates. Many of our units are available wired for 240 volt operation. U.S. Customs will pass, duty free, units coming to us for rebuild or repair if they are valued under $500 U.S. and are marked "for repair and return." Sorry, but due to credit card fraud we cannot accept credit card orders from international customers. Please make payment with an international money order in U.S. dollars or we can bill you via PayPal.

Audio by Van Alstine Shipping Charges

Shipping and handling charges for packages shipped anywhere in the continental US are shown in the chart. Be sure to add the appropriate shipping costs to your payment. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico customers, please call or e-mail AVA HiFi for shipping prices. All prices reflect standard shipping fully insured.


Fully Insured
Continental US



Vision Phono Preamplifier $21.00

RB, SL and EC Preamps, DACs


Power Amplifiers