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Vision DACAVA Ultra II Hybrid DAC $395 Sold

This is our last generation tube hybrid DAC built with the famed Philips 4X oversampling digital chip set. Built in 2011 and original owner trade up to new AVA DAC MK 5. Excellent cosmetic, mechanical, and electrical condition with brand new JJ 12AT7 tubes.

It has a coax digital input, left and right analog audio outputs, and a captive power cord. For playback of 44/16 digital material only. A great upgrade to any CD player with a coax digital output jack.

Lovely sounding DAC, awesome AVA tube hybrid audio circuits make even poorly done digital recordings sound engaging and musical. Better than most new DACs out there now if all you need is great CD playback.

AVA one year parts and labor warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.







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