PDF downloadable New and Upgrade price list

Are you afraid that an investment in an audio system will soon be obsolete? Are you concerned that next year will bring new designs, new breakthroughs, and you'll have to start all over, throwing away the money you spent?

Fear not! We likely will have better circuits in the future because we never stop innovating, but that doesn't mean you will have to start over from scratch.

Many older Audio by Van Alstine products can be upgraded to our latest design. We have clients using our latest circuit designs in an amp and preamp chassis they first bought years ago. Some clients have sent their equipment in to Audio by Van Alstine for circuit upgrades many times over the last 40 years, and each time they get current state of the art performance at a fraction of the cost of buying entirely new equipment.

Currently available upgrades for AVA chassis equipment:

• Fet Valve 400R and 600R upgrades are available for all older AVA hybrid amplifiers built in our standard large amplifier chassis. These include new audio boards, new small signal regulated power supply board, new output regulator boards, and new Exicon double die mos-fets as required.

• Synergy amp upgrades and/or double die mos-fet upgrades for all earlier AVA solid state amps. New or upgraded audio circuit boards as required and/or new regulated power supply boards and heat sinks as required.

• Fet Valve CF series upgrades for all Ultra, Fet Valve and Transcendence series preamps built in our 17" wide chassis. We can change your old AVA tube preamplifier to new Fet Valve CF performance by replacing the entire main circuit board. Note that old tone control circuits, if installed, will be defeated. You can add a phono stage as an extra cost option.

• Vision preamp upgrades for all earlier AVA solid state preamps. New circuit boards and power supplies. New mute circuit.