Fet Valve CF Vacuum Tube Preamplifier: Three Great Reviews

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New Amazing AVA Phono Preamplifier Options

We can now supply any new AVA preamplifier with two choices of new ultra big performance RIAA phono preamplifier choices.

The basic split passive EQ moving magnet phono section is $249 installed.  We can set this specifically for your phono cartridge upon request.

Newest, and the best yet is our new adjustable and flexible universal phono section.  Using a ten position gold contact dip switch per channel, this option can be easily user set for either moving magnet or moving coil use.  The moving coil gain is adjustable as is moving coil cartridge loading.  This is the best yet execution of our great new split passive EQ phono section.  The cost is $329 installed in any new AVA preamplifier.

These phono sections can also be retrofitted in most older AVA preamplifiers for an additional $50.

Please call us for details.  We guarantee satisfaction. 

New-Balanced Line In on all Large Chassis AVA Power Amplifiers

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Yes, it took a lot of work and a lot longer then we had expected, but AVA can now offer optional balanced line inputs on all of our large chassis power amplifiers (Fet Valve 600R, Fet Valve 400R, Synergy 450 and Synergy 300)

The option price is $200 for balanced line inputs only, $250 for switchable balanced line and RCA single ended inputs. 

The balanced line option includes Neutrik gold contact XLR connections, a new tiny stereo differential operation summing board that mounts directly on the XLR jacks (no "pin 1" issue) and a separate regulated power supply board, transformer and all, to power the summing board.

It was an enormous project to design a summing board that did not affect the awesome sound quality of our power amps, but its a done deal now.  The active circuits are direct coupled in to out, no capacitors in the signal path, and include a time delay relay to protect the amp from on or off transients.  It s a really lovely and tiny bit of engineering work.

We can supply these amplifiers with true balanced line inputs right now, just what you need to run one from those high tech digital DAC/Preamp units.

Sorry, the balanced line input option is not available as a retrofit for older AVA amplifiers.  It required tooling new back panel metal and swapping back panel metal is a VERY labor-intensive operation.

Please call me for more details.  651-330-9871

Frank Van Alstine

Audio by Van Alstine

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Audio by Van Alstine offers you true state-of-the-art high-fidelity at prices you can afford. We have been designing and building truly musical systems for nearly forty-five years.

We sell direct so you can avoid high prices and high pressure. We avoid frivolous accessories. We want you for a long-term client, not for just a quick buck.

Our engineering staff is continually busy developing new designs and improving existing designs in our attempt to bring you the very best new audio equipment in every price range. In many cases we are able to offer affordable upgrades to your existing AVA equipment as well. Our upgrades to classic Dynaco and Hafler equipment are classics in themselves.

How good is our equipment? Our customers are our best sales people. Check the Audicircle.com, AudioREVIEW.com or AudioAsylum.com websites and search for "Alstine". You will see what our customers think.

Our clients get our ongoing expert consultation and guidance. If you call us we will take the time to listen and give you the best guidance we can. You get to talk to a real person, not an electronic switchboard.

Our equipment is custom built to your order in Minnesota by our skilled technicians who still remember what "high fidelity" means.

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